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Do more with CIMB Clicks.

DID you know there’s more to CIMB Clicks than just performing daily banking routines?

CIMB Clicks has several *** art features or services that will help you gain full visibility on your finances and build your wealth.

Goals & Savings: Put your savings on auto-pilot

Save towards financial freedom.

Whether you’re saving for a house, a wedding, or building an emergency fund, saving money is an important success principle to financial freedom. With the ‘Goals and Savings’ feature in the CIMB Clicks App, meeting your financial goals becomes even easier.

This *** art feature will automate your savings contribution based on your personal preference such as target amount and/or target achievement period. You’ll receive a reminder if your savings fall short of your target.

Insights: Keep track of your finances & spending

Insights on CIMB Clicks App helps you better manage your wealth through four functions, namely Spend Analyser, Payment Reminder, Balance Forecast and Credit Limit Alert.

Keep track of your finances and spending.

> Spend Analyser:

Keeping track of expenses is one of the most basic ways to begin taking control of your personal finances but it is also the most tedious job for most people

The Spend Analyser feature made this job easier than ever by auto- *** yse and categorise your monthly expenditures made on your CIMB credit/prepaid/debit card and current/savings account/-i. You’ll be able to make adjustment on your spending based on these spending insights.

> Payment Reminder:

Always miss the payment due date? Here’s a helping hand for you - the Payment Reminder feature reminds you on your upcoming payments based on predictive *** ytics. The feature will *** yse your payment history to bills, credit cards or loans account via your CIMB Clicks account and setup the reminder automatically for you, no manual setup required!

> Balance Forecast

The Balance Forecast feature forecasts your CIMB account balance based on your recurring income and expenses history for the past three consecutive months. This tool empowers you to get a better understanding of your existing financial obligations as well as plan for the future.

Simply tap on ‘Insights’ on the app’s home screen and follow the instructions to view your spending, upcoming reminders or forecasted account balance.

> Credit Limit Alert

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